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Versatile Boom Trucks in Newfoundland

We are pleased to announce that we are expected the imminent arrival of our new Manitex TC700, one of the most versatile boom trucks in the world!

The TC700 is built to meet the wide-ranging needs of our clients who need us to use it for residential construction one day and bridge work the next. No matter what the task, the TC700 is designed to get you to the job and on the job quickly. With it, we are able to:

  •  Travel to and between job sites at highway speed on a commercial chassis
  •  Rig up quickly with radio outrigger controls
  •  Operate comfortably and confidently  and in all weather in its tiltable cab

Key Technical Features

  • Removable counterweights and a travel length of 40 ft.
  •  70-ton capacity, 8 ft. rated distance from center of rotation
  •  115 ft. max. boom length
  •  125 ft. max boom tip height
  •  31 ft./53 ft. optional telescopic jib
  •  Full Load Moment Indicator with work area definition